A Nationally Accredited, Award-Winning Early Childhood School For Children From Birth to Kindergarten

Technology & Safety

Web Cameras

A Child’s University gives parents the peace of mind in knowing that with just a simple click of a button they can see their precious child having fun, interacting with children his or her own age, and learning in a safe environment. Right from your desk at work, your smartphone, your computer at home, or your laptop from another part of the world, your child is always just a simple click away.

Ensuring A Safe Learning Environment

A Unique Camera System That Allows Parents To See Their Child At Anytime Throughout The Day

The camera system at A Child's University allows parents to securely access a special section of our web site to instantly see their child, our teachers, and our school at any time during the day. Other unique safety measures include secure door code access, biometric (fingerprint) check-in, background checks on each Team Member, and full CPR and First Aid training for all of our Team Members (instead of training just one teacher in CPR and First Aid as required by state licensing).

Two Locations In Rhode Island with First Class Amenities

A Child's University is located in Cranston and in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Both locations provide early childhood education and care for children from infancy through kindergarten in state-of-the-art facilities. The Cranston school and the Smithfield school also provide parents with one-of-a-kind peace of mind by offering Internet accessible cameras that parents can use to view their child at any time during the day (even through a mobile device such as an iPhone, Droid, or iPad).

The early childhood schools are Class A commercial structures with a full suite of health and safety systems in place which include:

  • Internet accessible cameras throughout the classrooms and playgrounds that allow parents to see their child, our teachers, and the facility at any time during the day

  • Staffing ratio that exceeds state and national guidelines (for example, a toddler classroom at A Child's University that is required by state licensing to have two teachers will instead provide four teachers to maximize every child's one-on-one interaction with each teacher)

  • Vast substitute teacher list with trained teachers who substitute for all absences (ensuring that teacher-to-child ratios are maintained at all times)

  • Full wet fire suppression (sprinkler) system

  • Coded electronic door access with remote control and intercom functionality

  • Biometric (fingerprint) reader for child pick-up

  • All teachers are actively certified in CPR and First Aid (the state requirement is that only one staff member holds this certification)

  • Registered Nurse on staff

  • Nationally Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (this holds the facility and program to standards that surpass the state level)

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