A Nationally Accredited, Award-Winning Early Childhood School For Children From Birth to Kindergarten

The Lower School

Seedlings & Sprouts

Six Weeks Through Eighteen Months

From each child's very first day, teachers will encourage them to investigate their new world through movement and each of their five senses.

Teachers continuously sing, smile, and provide all children with the comfort that they need throughout the day to create a warm, loving environment filled with smiles and laughter. The children participate in circle time activities by singing and listening to daily stories. They learn to move their bodies through finger play and dance by watching and mimicking their teachers.

Children express their creativity through daily art projects by using their fine motor and gross motor skills and younger children explore art and textures by using their hands and feet to paint pages. As children grow older, they are introduced to brushes, art tools, markers, and crayons to make marks and create scribbles on paper. They explore new materials and textures using all of their senses. Age appropriate materials are also brought into the classroom for children to learn and discover in sensory tables. Teachers and children work together to build social skills and to learn about the new world around them in a nationally accredited learning environment.



Eighteen Months Through Three Years

This classroom provides a comforting and safe environment for children to explore new sounds and textures as they continue to develop essential problem solving skills. Teachers provide a balance of nurturance and encouragement to foster positive self esteem while they sing songs and share stories that enhance each child's language development in a fun, educational way. With a strong focus on literacy and social development, the classroom's curriculum engages this curious age with captivating topics and projects specifically designed for their growing minds and in accordance with reaching nationally recognized developmental milestones.


Little Oaks

Three Years Through Four Years

Children in this classroom begin to learn more about letters, numbers, sounds, colors, and shapes as they journey further into a world of exciting stories, happy songs, science experiments, and other classroom games and activities. The Little Oaks is an exciting classroom environment designed to promote a sense of self in each child as they prepare for Prekindergarten. Group games, teacher directed activities, circle time songs, and class projects allow children to interact socially with classmates as they explore new frontiers in learning and personal development. In a soft and caring way, teachers work with each child to provide them with a learning experience that introduces them to a fascinating world filled with questions, ideas, and a whole array of creative outcomes.


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